Mixing beats, writing lyrics gives Orleans Justice Center inmates a healthy outlet

“Rewind, take it slow,” Delton sang into the microphone, as he recorded the hook to an original R&B beat during a weekly music therapy session offered by the jail. He crossed his tattoo-covered arms over his orange jumpsuit as the clip played back. He nodded his head while he listened to his voice synthesized with the voices of his fellow inmates.

Delton is one of about 70 jailed people at the Justice Center enrolled in the music therapy program, which allows both men and women an opportunity to express themselves through music and collaborate with other inmates to create original tracks.

13 Adventures to Take in Madagascar

Madagascar may be the greatest adventure you haven't had yet. Tiptoe across chaotic limestone pinnacles. Swim next to a whale shark. Sift through the sand to find the eggshells of an extinct 10-meter flightless bird, that used to lay a two-gallon egg.  

It isn't easy to get to the Indian Ocean's largest island, nor is it easy to explore the diverse landscapes once you arrive. But the best discoveries await the most ambitious travelers. I've lived on the island for three years, and still this country leaves me feeling there is something left to be found.

So, what are you waiting for?