From Kazakhstan with love: Boy warms hearts while mending from surgery in Montville

Young Boris Oborin can’t speak much English. He has real trouble shaking your hand. And, as a resident of a remote country in Eurasia, he’s not connected at all with the hurly-burly of life in America. // The Record,


North Jersey newly adoptive parents join in national day of celebration

Steven and Jose Lassalle of Bloomfield knew their daughter since she was 8 months old, but she wasn’t theirs to keep. In the back of their minds, they knew Jolie could be torn from their arms at any time if her birth mother regained custody.// The Record,


Cherry blossoms around the world

While Japan is home to some of the most well-known cherry blossom scenes, many cities celebrate spring’s arrival with these beautiful blooming trees. // BBC Travel


Antarctica's volcanic ice caves

Located in one of Earth’s coldest spots, Mount Erebus is the southernmost active volcano on the planet. Its caves are home to mysterious microbes that thrive in the blistering heat. // BBC Travel


Revealing rarities of historic Barbados

Amid this island’s rolling limestone hills and powdery beaches are fascinating survivors of the colonial past – rum shops, horse racing and churches that have a story to tell.// BBC Travel


PIRG fee: A breakdown

Every University student’s term bill includes an $11.20 fee from the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group Student Chapters. What most students do not know is that in many cases, that funding does not go directly to lobby New Jersey student interests as it was originally intended. // The Daily Targum


India's holy festival of colors

Celebrate the end of winter at Holi, an exhilarating Hindu festival that welcomes in spring through the throwing of vibrantly coloured powder. //  BBC Travel