‘That’s history right there. It’s a real loss’: 2-alarm fire destroys Black Pearl Restaurant in Treme

A two-alarm fire ravaged a building that houses Black Pearl Restaurant in Treme Wednesday afternoon (May 8). A man jumped from the second-floor balcony to escape the fire, officials said. No injuries were reported.

“That’s history right there. It’s a real loss,” Daphne Hargett said of her 85-year-old father’s restaurant known as “The Greasy Spoon.” Many customers came to the restaurant for its “real soul food,” including chitlins, beans, greens and black-eyed peas, she said.

Black Pearl Restaurant served food to “big and little” customers for years, Daphne Hargett said, explaining that her father rarely turned customers away.

“You have three quarters, no quarters, and he’s going to give them a bag of chicken and cornbread,” she said of her father. “He loved feeding people. That was his life.”