Hundreds of cyclists ride in ‘ghost bike’ memorial for victims of Esplanade crash

A brass band played to a crowd of about 400 cyclists Saturday (March 9) under the branches of City Park’s Singing Oak tree. As the music stopped, cyclists rang their bells and quietly pedaled toward Esplanade Avenue. At the front of the procession, a cyclist towed two bicycles painted white.

One week earlier, 27-year-old Sharree Walls and 31-year-old David Hynes were struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver while riding bicycles on Esplanade Avenue after the Endymion parade. Red and yellow roses, pineapples and Mardi Gras beads decorated a tree in Fortier Park, where mourning cyclists Saturday stopped for a ceremony to honor Walls, Hynes and seven others injured in the March 2 crash.