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Give Access to Reading in Rural Madagascar

Give Access to Reading in Rural Madagascar

Goodnight MoonThe Rainbow Fish, the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, just to name a few. Books were an integral part of my childhood that played a huge role in my education. It's a simple part of growing up that most people take for granted. Here is a project to help kids and adults who don't get to experience the magic of books. Help them experience a new world of adventure, surprise, mystery and discovery. Support our project here. 

This project will finance the development of a library in a rural town in the south of Madagascar. Students studying at the middle and high school levels lack access to resources to supplement their education. As a result, students solely study from the lessons provided by the teacher. Teachers are unable to supplement their teaching with textbooks or supplemental materials. With zero educational materials, nor a designated safe space for students to continue their studies outside school hours, the quality of education is greatly reduced. Adults also lack the opportunity to read and continue their education, with zero resources available to them.

This grant will provide the basic materials necessary to develop a library -€“ a wooden support structure, a wooden roof, and a concrete floor and walls. The project itself will include the teamwork and leadership from many parts of the community, including students, teachers, community members and the local Malagasy government and allow for capacity building on all levels. The community will work with local organizations within Madagascar, the U.S. Embassy and outside organizations to procure books in English, French and Malagasy, among other learning materials for the library.

This project will increase the capacity in which the community can build support and leadership skills, obtain books and funding for the library, train staff and teachers willing to maintain the library and identify activities suitable for the center that align with its mission of continuing and improving educational opportunities for the community.

This project give access to textbooks, recreational reading and maps -€“ a true value in an area where many motivated students will complete their primary and secondary levels of education without ever reading a book. The library will breed curiosity and empower students and community members alike, with knowledge. The library will also provide a constructive alternative for youth that often become involved in alcohol and drugs at a young age, with classes and activities planned each month, covering health and educational topics.

This project will provide teachers with more learning resources and classroom materials for better and more engaged classroom learning.

The library will broaden academic and professional opportunities for all community members.

Locating donors to supply appropriate books for the library is a separate project.



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