The Paradox of the Peace Corps and President Trump

Most volunteers argue they learn and gain more from their hosts than vice versa while serving in the Peace Corps. That's because they see the immeasurable value in cultural exchange, different perspectives, and acceptance. While Trump sees opportunities to exploit foreign countries and its people, Peace Corps Volunteers see opportunities for service, character development, and diplomatic peace-making. That's the paradox between President Trump and the Peace Corps.

A Letter to President Trump From A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Who Served in a 'Shithole' Country

Madagascar is a place where giant cockroaches hiss and monkey-like lemurs sing songs of overwhelming beauty. It is a land where creatures you may never have heard of—fossa and giraffe weevils, aye ayes and sifaka—thrive in a magical anomaly among curious plants like the baobab tree and traveler’s palm. One thousand years ago, 880-pound elephant birds called the island its home. It’s a place so, so different from any other place on this planet and it will surely astonish any visitor.

Our Journey to the Top: How We Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

I'm a documentarian at heart and I couldn't let that go, even as we embarked on a journey up to the top of the world's highest free-standing mountain. Enjoy this candid version of our adventure from my journal, plus an audio diary for each day (that wouldn't be complete without laughing attacks and sisterly quarrels).

Ambondro's Sunflowers

My anxieties were settled after reminding myself that Peace Corps Volunteers, as agents of change, are often planting the seeds to a tree we may never sit under.

Or the seeds to the sunflowers we may never see to grow tall.