Our Journey to the Top: How We Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

I'm a documentarian at heart and I couldn't let that go, even as we embarked on a journey up to the top of the world's highest free-standing mountain. Enjoy this candid version of our adventure from my journal, plus an audio diary for each day (that wouldn't be complete without laughing attacks and sisterly quarrels).

Ambondro's Sunflowers

My anxieties were settled after reminding myself that Peace Corps Volunteers, as agents of change, are often planting the seeds to a tree we may never sit under.

Or the seeds to the sunflowers we may never see to grow tall.

Let Me Tell You

While it hurt to say goodbye, I still feel like the luckiest person in the world for now possessing a superpower – one that gives me a perspective that not everyone has after seeing what I have seen and after living among my neighbors in a remote, rural village in Madagascar. I feel an obligation to share with others but feel anxious, unsure if it's even possible to share an experience like this.

Let me try.